Happy Clients

Warren Jones
President, OBT Ltd.

I first engaged Danuta’s services over 10 years ago to create templates and formatting on seven core courses that were developed for the Canadian Home Builder’s Association of BC. We worked extremely well in a team setting and she was always able to accommodate my requests in a timely and professional manner. Her attention to detail was obvious in the documents that were created. I have recently started a new company, offering a variety of courses to the building community. I have once again engaged her services to help create a company brand and document styles for all my courses. Danuta continues to apply her expertise to format the modules as well as offer advice on content and document appearance.


Personal Client

Legal action was necessary against my ex-husband regarding unpaid expenses and child support. I was faced with an overwhelming task of sorting through many lengthy emails going back years regarding said expenses as well as locating receipts. After a few moves my desk had become a dumping ground, and with a special needs child there were copious amounts of documents and applications that were both important and time-sensitive. Danuta organized every scrap of paper on my desk, re-organized every file in my cabinet, located every receipt, read, printed, and organized every email so I didn’t have to. I know without Danuta’s help I would never have been reimbursed for the money owed me. In addition, I am left with a system I can continue to use. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a little or a lot of help. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.


Grace Valador, MBA, Life & Business Coach,
Strategic Implementation Inc.

The focused clarity with which Danuta takes to her task can only be described as a master in action.  With a sensitive and sincere approach to creating and completing a top notch customized result, one can only relax into the process and know that what comes out of it will surpass your expectations.

So Good

"Hiring Danuta was like hiring my own personal administrator, an impossible thing to do as a sole proprietor. Over the years, Danuta has designed all of my PowerPoint presentations, my advertising flyers and branded all my tools in my colours and logos. She makes me look like the polished professional I am. She tells me things to do I didn't know I needed. She is like my business coach that I've come to depend on. If you are a small business, Danuta can help you achieve your goals and make your business look professional and organized. Don't waste one more minute or one more dollar trying to do it all yourself. Just hand your projects over to Danuta and focus on what you do best. That's what I did and it has paid off a hundred-fold."

Sylvia Tishler
The Opticoach