About Danuta

Your Document Specialist


After a 12-year career with IBM Canada and previous work experience, including IBM Australia and IBM UK, I opened my own consulting business after the “big downsize” and have never looked back.

I have enjoyed over forty years’ of experience in managing a wide range of files and documents, using a variety of software and tools, with current expertise in Microsoft Word.

My clients over the years have ranged from major corporations through to individual and independent business professionals, both locally in Canada and overseas, specifically UK, USA and Australia.

My experience and variety of contracts, roles and assignments have made me comfortable with technology – after all, I’ve been through every version of Word (the first one being back in the deep, dark DOS days) as well as my early career at IBM, creating documents using markup language (DCF) on a mainframe.

Let me put my years of experience and expertise to discuss your needs.

Contact me to schedule a free, no obligation session and I’ll see if I can help you.