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After a 12-year career with IBM Canada and previous work experience, including IBM Australia and IBM UK, I opened my own business after the “big downsize” and have never looked back.

I have enjoyed over forty years’ of experience in managing a wide range and variety of files and documents, using a range of software and tools, with current expertise in Microsoft Word.

My clients over the years have ranged from major corporations through to individual and independent business professionals, both locally in Canada and overseas, specifically UK, USA and Australia.

I have worked with local, on-site, and dispersed teams, effectively liaising between clients and team members.

I can easily and effortlessly, step comfortably into complex project environments that are already running, where my passion for professionalism and my time-management and document-management skills combine to the benefit of project outcomes and client needs.

My experience and variety of contracts, roles and assignments have made me comfortable with technology – after all, I’ve been through every version of Word (the first one being back in the deep, dark DOS days) as well as my early role at IBM, creating documents using markup language on a mainframe.

Over the years, I have also used to a variety of software tools, which I have had to learn and apply in short order for the project at hand. As a life-long learner, I am always up for the challenge!

How did I get to this Point?

When I was about 10 years old, my teacher decided that he was going to teach one of us how to touch type. He put all our names in a hat and, as fate would have it, mine was drawn.

A Typewriter for Christmas

Within a short period of time, I was a touch typist with an impressive 40 wpm along with high accuracy. That Christmas, my mother, hearing about me “typing”, decided to get me a toy typewriter. It was a Petite brand and in bright pink. I loved it. After our Christmas dinner, my family were all relaxing, watching television. I was sitting on the floor, typing away. My mother asked me what I was doing – “Typing my thank you letters for my presents”, I replied. Her smile was one of ‘how sweet’ and a “of course you are” response, whilst not acknowledging the speed I was typing at, after all, I must be just playing. I finished my first letter and handed it to her to check over. The look on her face when she realized that I really was touch typing – “so you really CAN type, Danuta?” Still not quite convinced, she made me type whilst she dictated to me – I handed over to her my flawless work!

Budding Freelancer

Over the years since then, and still at school, there were several opportunities for me to type out all sorts of documents, earning pocket money from my efforts. By this time, my parent bought me a real typewriter, so I had quite the business going! We lived in Spain for a short stint, and I even typed a document from handwritten notes in Spanish and on a Spanish typewriter, figuring out the “dead” accent keys.

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