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Your business documents need to reflect the professional standards of your company. A polished and professional document that adheres to branding, business standards and flow can make all the difference in the impression you wish to convey.

Why struggle with software when your real goal is successful task completion?

Let me help you with your documents that enable your staff to concentrate on solutions, rather than tools, by creating templates, boilerplate, and other Word aids to effectively and painlessly manage your documentation needs.


  • Expert at reconstructing content into polished and professionally formatted, branded, business standard, style-compliant, templates and documents
  • Work with designers to translate print media into Word documents and templates
  • Variety of training manuals, both technical and non-technical
  • Proposal management for RFx bids, along with tracking and preparing master document for submission
  • Organize, categorize and populate content management / knowledge-based systems, such as SharePoint and Confluence

Retainer packages and options are available.

Contact Danuta to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation.

Contact Danuta to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation.


Whether a small business or personal requirements, sorting out your documents, filing and paperwork can be a tedious, overwhelming and time-consuming process.

For some, assistance is needed with online banking and bill payments, email organization, file management and so much more.

  • Organize your online files, documents and emails
  • Brand your documents with your colours and fonts by creating easy-to-use, templates
  • Streamline administrative processes and procedures and document it for you
  • Assistance with blogs and posting of articles and images (WordPress)
  • Organize a backup option (e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive), for all your important files with logical folders and file naming that makes sense to you
  • Professional resumes – formatting and content upgrading
  • Assist with personal projects, such as a family cookbook

Let’s get together – bring your laptop along and I will help get you sorted!


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