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A template is a document that is prepared and pre-formatted with your structure, style and layout. It can contain text elements, boilerplate, your logo, header and footer information, along with your brand font preference and colour scheme, and so much more. All the elements you need will be in your template, meaning you won’t have to format or create your document from scratch every single time you need it, saving you time and effort.

Here’s How I can Help You with Templates

Templates are especially effective for repetitive documents. With all the elements and formatting prepared, all you need to do is to edit or add your own content. Typical examples would be templates for invoices, reports, letters, forms, proposals, and other documents that may be unique to your business.

Your documents can be reformatted into a template that supports your branding and colour scheme, apply styles for document stability, add eye-catching design and layout features and finally, transform your content into a polished and professional product. Let me take the stress away from your document formatting attempts so you can get on with the task at hand, the content.

Turn those repetitive documents into easy to use templates

Need help on how to use your template? Book a zoom tutorial with me to show you how to use and apply the styles to your content, along with some useful standard but not often taught, tools and aids to help make using templates an easier process for you, no matter what Word skill level and experience you have.

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