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I’ve had a wide variety of requests for help and / or support on some other projects, which I’ve listed a few below. If you have a specific request, feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

Elevate and Improve/Upgrade Content

Often those who have to provide content are not necessarily good at writing. English may not be their first language and may lack structure and grammar skills. I review and check the content for spelling, grammar, using track changes (if requested), ensure compliance to business standards (if required) and upgrade/elevate as needed. I recommend adding images where necessary, turn referencing information into easy to follow tables, split long paragraphs to make them more manageable and check overall flow.

I’ve applied this service to bids, proposals, business reports, contract requests, online forms, handouts, marketing material, résumé overhaul (formatting and content editing), business and personal correspondence, and numerous other files.

Personal Assistant – On Call / As Needed – A Secret Weapon

As a seasoned salesperson, the client was hired at a very high level position but at the time, the company had no support to assist with documents or presentations. He engaged my services to help him behind the scenes with all his proposals, slide presentations, etc., and quickly gained a reputation for producing high-level, sales material. Eventually he moved on to a better position that had in-house support available.

Websites (WordPress/Divi), Blog, TikTok script

I have helped clients update their (already created), WordPress sites using Divi, along with others who need assistance to post their postings to their blog. Other tasks have included: loaded their imagery to their media library, modified/changed/moved text, swopped out images, added links as needed, and so much more. For TikTok, worked with client to set up structure and stories for videos.

Personal Projects

Example is a family cookbook. Some recipes going back at least a hundred years! Created a template and structure, along with making recommendations, such as included past family photos and family stories for each section. The book was self-published with a limited number of copies, and distributed (at Christmas) for family members only.

Personal Services

Organized online files and folders for easy retrieval by client. Sorted and cleaned up email accounts and created folders that are relevant to the user. Helped create and organized, bookmarks/favourites as needed. (All work has been provided onsite through a referral process only.)

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