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Training Manuals, User Guides, Office Manuals – whilst they may vary in content, they all require the same structure, applicable content and  a well organized flow.

Writing any type of manual is a huge undertaking and the longer you put it off, the harder the task of starting one is. Or if you have one, how often is it updated? Is it well organized? Is it effective? Does it help the audience for which it was intended?

Below are the two of the most requested types I deal with. Let me know how I can help you with yours.

Office Manual

Whether you are a small company, or have grown by leaps and bounds, a process and procedures office manual is an absolute must to effectively communicate and document your business practices. Every company and business that hires employees needs an office manual to guide its day-to-day processes, workflow and other tasks for the smooth running of daily operations.

Typical manuals will include hiring practices, non-disclosure agreements, dress code, code of conduct, company policy covering work environments, work hours and so much more.

Training Manuals / User Guides

There are so many variables in delivering courses, training and workshops, some in traditional classroom settings, others online via zoom or webinars, some a combination of both. Whatever your requirement, there still needs to be supporting material in some format, whether accessed online or in a traditional printed workbook.

Content can include exercises, quizzes, forms to fill in, illustrations, reference material and so much more. Organizing content and associated components can be an arduous and often overwhelming task, let alone how you plan to deliver the material and what output media you choose.

Here’s How I can Help You with your Manual

Provide me the current contents and I will put together and format a manual that will be painless to update, be easily accessible and is organized into appropriate sections. Or we can work together to put an outline and structure in place.

Contact me for a free, no-obligation quote.

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