Plan, Design and Create a Professional Deliverable


There are so many variables in delivering courses, training and workshops, some in traditional classroom settings, others online via zoom or webinars, some a combination of both. Whatever your requirement, there still needs to be supporting material in some format, whether accessed online or in a traditional printed workbook.

Content can include exercises, quizzes, forms to fill in, illustrations, reference material and so much more. Organizing content and associated components can be an arduous and often overwhelming task, let alone how you plan to deliver the material and what output media you choose.

Here’s How I can Help You with Training Manuals

As an experienced Instructor at a variety of educational institutions up to university level, along with creating, designing, and delivering a variety of workshop, tutorials and, more recently, online zoom instructional material, I can provide you the expertise and guidance you need to get started, organize your content, or update your current material to a more professional level.

Organizing course material into a logical sequence is my passion

Let me put my years of experience and expertise at your disposal to help you put together your material into a deliverable that reflects your expertise for the subject at hand, that your students and audience deserve.


Danuta Mount

Your Document Specialist


Richmond, BC



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