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I read a post recently from someone who had spent endless hours creating an important report, complete with images, cross-references, tables, it was a work of art. At the end, there were updates to a paragraph and an image needed to be moved slightly over to the left. To their absolute horror, the image disappeared, additional pages suddenly appeared – everything went awry, and they had no idea how to fix it. 

Does this sound familiar?

I once had 3 people spend over 3 hours trying to fix an issue in Word using a template I had created. They contacted me saying my template didn’t work. I could hear the pure frustration in their voices. They sent the document to me and within minutes I had it sorted. The problem? They had deleted a section break just before a new page with a table of contents. When everything went haywire, they simply put it back in. Not understanding what a section break does was the problem, not the template!

I have worked on thousands of documents over the years and there is a consistent pattern of not knowing some of the tools and aids needed to create and format a document. Word is not intuitive, when things go wrong, you not only may not know why, but you may not even know what to look for to get help to fix your document dilemma!

Here’s How I can Help You with Word Training

Take advantage of all the tips and tricks I have learned over the many years to shortcut your way through the learning curve and apply just what you need and when you need it, whether in real-time, one-on-one sessions or short, relevant, and manageable tutorials that focuses on your inhouse documents and templates.

Receive training in a relevant and manageable manner by a professional.

Learn the Word skills you need to create, format and manage your documents that work specifically for you, whether online in real-time, provided as feedback or pointers to tutorials. As a previous Instructor at the University teaching from Basic to Advance level, I am qualified to create, design and recommend the training that will best suit your needs in the shortest time possible.

Stop wasting time and energy on documents that you can’t fix. Contact me to discuss your requirement and I’ll get this sorted for you.


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