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Document Administration & Management (Confluence Administrator)
Process: Important airline information and other timely updates would be received via email, which were forwarded to staff, printed and then placed into an  office binder.

Solution: Populated empty and newly acquired  Confluence (content management) site for a busy Corporate Travel Management Company.

  • After an initial needs-analysis and strategy meeting, created, prepared and classified “spaces”, ready for populating.
  • Organized, categorized, uploaded and populated the site with hundreds of internal documents, files, images and company information assets.
  • Designed and laid out the data with a focus on quick and easy access by all staff, both onsite and remotely.
  • Prepared and provided, all staff access, logins and permissions to appropriate areas for file retrieval/review.
  • Trained all staff, locally onsite and remotely via webinars.
  • Drastically reduced – and in some cases – completely eliminated, the need to forward emails to employees.
  • Recommended and added additional company files, such as the HR Manual, internal forms, boilerplate and completed proposals, along with staff requested reference and coded information for hotels, cars, cruises, plus a variety of other categories as needed.

Document Specialist: Document Manager
Engaged as a Document Manager with document specialist experience:

  • Managed large, complex documents and high-level presentations with demanding, tight deadlines.
  • Created and designed multiple Word templates to corporate standards.
  • Initiated, designed and implemented an Intranet-hosted knowledge-based repository, populating it with boilerplate, templates, graphics, commonly used images, practices and procedures, all related to the proposal  response process.
  • Consultant to the document management process, creating and publishing guidelines and instructions for users.

Document Specialist: Proposal Manager
Several engagements in this role:

  • Created Accountability/Compliance Matrix for team, lead kick-off meetings, communicated and adhered to established timelines and deadlines, checked compliance to the response, ensured all questions were answered, proofread and performed final edit.
  • Liaised with team members to keep process on track, checked for inhibitors or show stoppers, escalated as needed.
  • Posted response documents ready for populating in separated and manageable sections for response and assigned as per accountability matrix, re-organized the SharePoint site for tracking and management purposes.
  • Downloaded all components and prepared completed and merged sections into a master document, ready for printing and delivery.

Document Specialist: Quick Formatting and Document Cleanup
For small to medium-sized businesses and individuals

  • Smaller scale document requirements – such as reports, resumes/business profiles, and small proposals – with that “just have to get that document out the door” request.
  • Cleanup of one-off documents that need a polished and professional look, some formatting, incorporating business document setup, layout and flow.
  • Apply as needed, other additions, such as a table of contents, insertion of images/graphics, cover page, etc., much of which is often beyond the skill level available in-house or the individual.

Webmaster (Rotary) Volunteer
Managed, maintained and supported, pre-templated “ClubRunner” website as a Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise in a volunteer capacity.