Let Danuta Help Get-U-Sorted

Here’s How:

Whether business or personal, sorting out your documents, filing and paperwork can be a tedious, overwhelming and time-consuming process.

Numerous other services are offered, such as capturing details and documenting items required for the Division of Assets during a separation / divorce, preparing detailed lists and assigned inventory to be attached to a Will, personal assistance with technical challenges such as online banking, online bill payments, email organization, file management assistance, and so much more.

Please call me to discuss your personal requirement and see if I can help you.


Are your electronic files in an untidy, disorganized and disconnected mess? Let me put my document organizational skills into practice and finally sort these out for you into a manageable filing system that makes sense – to you!

How’s your inbox looking? Have you ever organized your emails into folders? The same method for filing and organizing can be applied to your emails. Assistance is available to help you with online tasks, such as banking, uploading files to a Dropbox, bookmarking sites, posting pictures to Facebook, adding a profile image – and so much more!

Let me bridge the gap between your task and technology.

Going through a separation or divorce? Need to identify and put names against physical assets as to who owns or wants what? Engaging the services of a neutral third party to help identify, capture and categorize your items may help avoid any future disputes over ownership that can take a negative turn, very quickly.

If you are preparing a Will and have several items that you wish to identify to leave to selective individuals, you may wish to prepare a separate list, often referred to as a Personal Property Memorandum. Get help you need to capture and document this information.

Contact me for help with your personal project.

Word software can be challenging and daunting to use, especially when beyond the basics is needed. Personal and individual request include a variety of projects, such as a family cookbook, résumé overhaul (formatting and content editing), small business reports, responding to contract requests, a wide range of online forms, handouts, document structure and flow review, and so much more.

If you find Word too much of a challenge, let me put my skills and expertise to work for you and help you prepare your documents for a polished and professional look.

Reconstructing your content into professionally formatted, branded and style-compliant, documents, is my specialty.

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