black-woman-holding-ipad-createherstockHow well do you have your personal affairs in order? Are you too busy, overwhelmed, emotionally drained or just don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. It’s one of those things we all put off, is on our never-ending “to do” list and is often nagging at the back of our minds.

Whether its business or personal, sorting out your documents, filing and paperwork may need the help of a Personal Affairs Organizer to either jump start your project, or just to simply – get-u-sorted!

Numerous other services are offered, such as documenting items required with the Division of Assets during a separation / divorce, preparing detailed lists and assigned inventory to be attached to a Will, personal assistance with technical challenges such as online banking, online bill payments, email organization, file management assistance, and so much more.

Help is here to sort through what can be a tedious, emotionally overwhelming and time-consuming process. It all starts with an initial discussion.

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