Let Danuta Help Get-U-Sorted

Your Office Checklist:

  • You love what you do, and your customers love you
  • You know your product inside and out – better than anyone
  • Your office is a mess and disaster area
  • Your emails are out of control
  • Your files are scattered and disconnected
  • You need templates created for your documents
  • You have fallen behind on all your office work
  • You’re drowning in paperwork – somebody send a life raft
  • You wish somebody would come and sort it all out for you

If you can relate to several of these items, then you need to call Danuta, your Document Specialist & Administrator, who can:

  • Organize your online files, documents and emails
  • Create easy to use templates for all your business documents
  • Streamline administrative processes and procedures
  • Organize backup options such as Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Provide technical support

and so much more…!

Let Danuta do for you what she does best – so that you can do what you do best! Contact Danuta to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation.

Let me bridge the gap between task and technology.


Document Specialist & Administrator


Danuta Mount
Your Document Specialist


Richmond, BC, Canada



Tel: 1 604 448 1980