Project Rates
Each request is unique, so by all means contact me for a review and a no-obligation estimate. Confidentiality is extremely important and an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) can be signed in advance, if requested. A statement of work may be created prior to commencement of project for more complex requests.

Standard Business Terms and Conditions

  • A $250 minimum is charged for all projects.
  • For complex requests, a statement of work outlining either the fixed-fee or the project rates, as well as the project details, may be provided and agreed to, prior to commencement of services.
  • Payment is due in full before delivery of the final product.
  • A standard 50% deposit is required for fixed fee projects prior to commencement of services. The remaining 50% is due in full prior to delivery of the final product.
  • Support is provided on a standard Monday-Friday business week and 9-5 day. A surcharge to the fee may be added for weekend requests unless otherwise negotiated or is part of a timeline for an ongoing project and is mutually agreed to in the statement of work.
  • Invoices are all due and payable upon receipt.
  • Payment can be made by Interac.
  • A 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be added to all invoices (Canadian clients only).
  • Any additional charges including, but not limited to, long distance charges, photocopying, postage, courier charges and project-related office supplies will be billed to the client at cost, but will be agreed to beforehand.
  • Most support is provided remotely with onsite visits/meetings/initial project setup as agreed to. Travel expenses for out of location area/province/country will be billed in addition and agreed to prior to commencement of project.