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Your Document Specialist & Administrator
Danuta Mount

Danuta Mount

Your Document Specialist

Danuta has a long-term commitment to collaboration for providing added value to projects. She has worked with local, on-site and dispersed teams, effectively liaising between clients and team members. Using her strong management skills and an effective and efficient communication, she ensures that the dedication, time and attention required to produce quality results is forthcoming.

Danuta steps comfortably into complex project environments that are already running, where her passion for professionalism and her time-management and document-management skills combine to the benefit of project outcomes and client needs.

We can enable your office staff to concentrate on solutions, rather than tools, by creating templates, boilerplate, and other Word aids to effectively and painlessly manage your documentation needs.

Document Specialist & Administrator


Danuta Mount
Your Document Specialist


Richmond, BC, Canada




Tel: 1 604 448 1980