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No matter what type of document you need, your final output must look polished and professional to create the right impression and impact.

Creating content, then formatting the final document, are two very different skill sets, especially apparent if you have found yourself under the stress of working to a tight deadline or a time crunch.


A template is a document that is prepared and pre-formatted with your structure, style and brand. It can contain text elements, boilerplate, your logo, header and footer information, along with your brand colour scheme.

All these elements will be in your template, meaning you won’t have to format your document every single time you need it, saving you time and effort.


Once you have finished with your documents and associated files, how and where are they stored for as-needed reference, future use and backup?

Online repositories, knowledge-based and content systems are increasingly being utilized to store documents, information and related files in a secure, easy to use and access, central location.

About Danuta

Danuta Mount, Your Document Specialist, has more than thirty-five years’ experience in managing files and documents, specifically Microsoft Word, as well as SharePoint and Confluence. She opened her own business in 1994, after twelve years with IBM, and has worked with clients from large corporations to independent business professionals, in Canada and overseas.

Document Specialist & Administrator


Danuta Mount Your Document Specialist


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