Document Specialist & Administrator

No matter what type of document you need, your final output must look polished and professional to create the right impression and impact.

Adding an array of formatting options, such as headers, footers, page numbering, tables, consistent bullets and numbering, cover pages, headings and table of contents, can be a daunting and time-consuming task. If you are not familiar with how to properly apply these features, it can result in your document turning out not quite as you expected!

As many have discovered, creating content, then formatting the final document are two very different skill sets, especially apparent if you have found yourself under the stress of working to a tight deadline or a time crunch.


With over 30 years’ experience as a Document Specialist, I can reformat your document by creating a template that supports your branding and colour scheme, apply styles for document stability, add eye-catching design and layout features and transform your content into a polished and professional product. Let me take the stress away from your document formatting attempts so you can get on with the task at hand, the content.

bridgeOnce you have finished with your documents and associated files, how and where are they stored for future use and backup? Online repositories and content systems are increasingly being utilized to store documents and related files in a central location. As an experienced Document Administrator, I can help you organize, categorize and populate your repository in one central location for easy access and retrieval. Drawing upon my strong organizational skills, expertise and experience using content management / repository systems such as Confluence and SharePoint, I can work with you to provide a solution to your file management challenges.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, I’m here to help you!